php ide with checkpoint restart is there?

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Hello guys and girls,
is there a php ide that can lets say restart debugging session without going
from all over beginning,  or test specific points without going thru
relaunches which give me headache,  i want to test some code but releanching
and reloading all makes it so tedious,  please help ,  can i bypass this ,
it would make my code testing 200 times faster.

Re: php ide with checkpoint restart is there?


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I haven't come across this sort of debugger for php.  I've heard that a
Java IDE can do this, even step back in the code, but I think that's
because it's running in the Java Virtual Machine.  All the
implementations of php I've seen are actual code compiled into shared
libraries.  Since it's not a simulated machine, I don't think you'll
find this feature in any of the IDEs out there.


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Re: php ide with checkpoint restart is there?

On Thu, 30 Sep 2010 15:19:08 +0200, mirkocrocop wrote:
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It seems to be dependant on the underlying engine whether this is
availible or not. PHP (at least as from doesn't have support
for this. Python, R, and Java do. (Hell, RPG does too and it's a
compiled language with NO interpretive mode...)

I think you're over-weighing the amount of bother in stopping and
restarting a program from the beginning. There's very few php programs
out there that will not encounter the error in a fraction of a second if
the error is really a program error rather than a data-triggered error,
and if it's data-driven, you're better off isolating and feeding in the
bad data than trying to isolate a section of code to run.

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