PHP HTTPD Process + MYSQL Multi-server

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Ever be in a position of too-much traffic ?

Point is, if the traffic increases, then the server is slow.

TOP command on a Linux/Unix/Fedora Apache/2.0.50 shows :
- 50% of the CPU : for HTTPD process
- 20% of the CPU : for Analog Process
- 20% of the CPU : for MYSQLD Process

The direct analysis would pretend that HTTPD is the problem. BUT may
be HTTPD is waiting for MYSQLD answer.
We have problem to analyse the sources of the lack of performance.

1) Idea ONE was to split within other servers with
independant databases merged and consolidated into a single one using
exchange of tables.

2) Idea TWO was to have MYSQL hosted on one server and
split over different servers.


We know ebay is and these administrators might split over
servers depending on variables that our team does not manage.

3) We tried to go with Idea TWO and we are facing a problem.

Creating a user on SERVER1
Name : bobbob
Data Privilege : SELECT

Information related to connections
Server : % (all servers)


Then, on SERVER2 :

        $host     = "";
        $user     = "bobbob";
        $pass     = "bobbob";
        $bdd      = "adv_database";

It does not work : Cannot access the database on SERVER1 from
Even, we tried to add specfic provileges to bobbob.

Many Thanks for any operational answer from your knowledge and
background experience.


Re: PHP HTTPD Process + MYSQL Multi-server

it is quite possible that a firewall (iptables) refuses all outside  
connections to port 3306. try consulting the sysadmin on server1

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Re: PHP HTTPD Process + MYSQL Multi-server

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Check comp.database.mysql for your answer.  This isn't a PHP question -  
you need to set MySQL up properly.

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