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I am looking for a lib written in PHP, which does the following...

It analyzes a certain webpage, let's say Google, it then extracts some  
elements which i want,
lets say all forms ( <form>...</form> ) in the webpage.
Then it should be able to deliver me all <input /> elements of one form,
together with their attributes and corresponding values.

It would be nice, if the lib would built a tree structure of the webpage,
through which i could "travel", and execute certain operations/methods
on the nodes, respectively html-elements.

Furthermore it should be able to even interprete html pages, which have  
errors like
not ended tags.

Does someone know such a lib?

THX in advance


Re: PHP HTML - Analyzer

Axel Gallus napisal(a):
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Maybe PHP's DOM implementation?

Re: PHP HTML - Analyzer

This seems to solve my problem. Thx.

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