PHP hangs!!

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Hi all,
I am trying to deploy the latest PHP,MySQL and Apache for a new webmail
server (My old IMP 3.1 works fine with PHP 4.2.2). Now I have a serious
problem which seems unsolved so far. Here are the versions:

CentOS 4.4
PHP 5.1.6
Apache 2.2.3
MySQL 5.0.24a
UW-IMAP 2004g
Latest Horde+IMP -OR

Problem description (it happens both with IMP and RoundCube).
The problem occurs when opening certain messages from inside the
webmail interface (in IMP it happens also during logging in). Suddenly
CPU usage jumps at 99.5% and Apache hangs. For example, I tried to view
an HTML message with 4 photos attached. The browser stopped after
loading 3 out of 4 photos, and httpd CPU usage jumps at 99.5%. It can't
serve other clients. Only solution? To do a 'pkill' for the hung
process and then restart Apache.

I notice the following error to be logged, but I am not sure this has
something to do with the problem:

[Tue Oct 03 15:07:32 2006] [error] [client] PHP Warning:
fgets() [<a href='function.fgets'>function.fgets[/url]]: SSL: fatal
protocol error in
/usr/local/apache223/htdocs/roundcube/program/lib/ on line 130,

Re: PHP hangs!!

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try putting

at the beginning of the script  ..roundcube/program/lib/
and if that line refers to a function in another file put that line in the  
other file too.
eventually you will find the problem.

It is almost 100% certain that a function (either yours or inbuilt) in the  
new PHP behaves differently to one in the earlier version, either because of  
the change to v5 or because your configuration settings between the old and  
new systems differ in some way.



Ron Barnett
IT Support for Business

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Re: PHP hangs!!

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Thanks for the reply. However, I have to note that the same behaviour
occurs also when installing the new applications in my OLD PHP
platform. Is the approach you described suitable for such a case?

Re: PHP hangs!!

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Yes it works on all PHP versions (or it should do).

I usually put it in my scripts with a check on the server name, so when the  
code is on the production server, all errors are suppressed and the script  
fails silently, but on the development server, all errors are reported so I  
can debug every last warning and notice.
I then put the code on the production box with E_ALL set on and test the  
code, then if all is well the errors are suppressed forever. - I would like  
to have a written error log but some hosts don't support that,



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