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I am new to PHP. Learning the lang using tutorials . I have a full
time non-php job.
I have done a lot of php examples to get a feel of it. And I love it.
I would now like to do more serious work in PHP. How should I start.
My current residence is in Mumbai, India. Let me know what to do ?
Also what else do I need to start learning apart from PHP to be a more
rounded professional in web development.
My main problem is I do not have direction while learning.
I dilligently do the tutorials .
And most jobs in php require loads of experience.
So now what ???

Re: PHP guidance

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Start by trying to create something complete from start to finish,
something you already know how it works and you think you can do
better (or unique) would be a good challenge in PHP, my fist one was
an events calendar, since I had done a couple in the past; it never
seems done as as I finish one version I think of better ideas after
from what I learned while programing the last version.  Something like
that will help you get better skills.

Other technologies:

MySQL (or PostgreSQL), seems to go along with PHP now a days, makes
PHP an application platform to be reckoned with.

HTML/CSS - having good output is as important to non programmers as
good code is to us, keep up on your HTML skills.

Javascript -  things like rollovers, child windows, etc, make user
experience and entry easier, also some javascript apps can improve
upon your PHP (like the datepicker tool.)

Apache/Linux if you want to round out your skills and be a LAMP whiz
(they aren't really that hard to learn and they offer quite a bit of

AJAX - Never use it myself, but I'm don't feel the need to web 2.0 for
what I do yet.  Depends on your application/audience.

Re: PHP guidance

On Mar 5, 7:53=A0pm, wrote:
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Thanks a lot for your reply.
I really appreciate it.

I have the SQLite set up with my php. I know a bit about Databases
So i guess I will have to start learning CSS and continue with a dummy
side project on PHP to improve my PHP skills.
Is there any place for PHP freshers where they hang out online and are
able to do some real time stuff? May be like the events calendar kinda
stuff also would be a good start.

My main problem is I am learning PHP as an hobby. Currently i have no
absolute idea of whether it is going to be useful to me down the line
or not. I do not know what is expected of PHP guys. What IDES are used
in real time jobs etc etc....

Re: PHP guidance

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The book <programming php 2nd Edition> will be a fantastic guider for

"Read -> Practice -> Debug" will help u to be a good php developer.

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