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Not having anything else on - i think i'll write a php guestbook  
suitable for windows webhosting .

I say windows webhosting because i cant be arsed with all that linux  
permission crap .

Think about it , Man can go to the moon , But you still need to fart  
around with a simple setting on poxy linux webspace .

But putting that aside , Do you have any likes or dislikes when it comes  
to guestbooks ? .

Re: php guestbook

Try to see other Guestbook scripts.

Don't allow HTML. Allow ONLY BBCode.

Re: php guestbook

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one thing is for sure, you don't have to mess with any 'linux permission  
crap' to make a PHP guestbook on linux.

use a database.

Re: php guestbook

Only if you made a file based guestbook and even that wouldn't be too
hard. You only needed to set the permissions to 766 on each file you
wanted to read / write and it would work :)

Re: php guestbook

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Yer what? Windows ACLs are nicer to use?

If PHP is installed as a module in Apache the only requirement is that
it can be read - just like any other file served on a web server.

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As an exercise they're great - really nice for getting used to things
like XSS exploits and database usage. In fact I must have re-used code
I wrote for a guestbook a few years back many times over.

However, as an element in a web-site they are dreadful. The thing you
learn firstly and foremost when web-developing is the concept of
minimilism. If something doesn't have a critical purpose it may as
well not be on the site; it makes it look amaturish and wastes
precious screen real-estate.

Mention guestbooks in and you'll have be sprawling
at the bottom of a few kill files ;]
Brendan Gillatt
GPG: 0xBACD7433

Re: php guestbook

<Brendan Gillatt>
<Fri, 14 Sep 2007 23:25:05 +0100>

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You cant even define a background colour on your own website [1] .

So what chance anybody else regarding you as being anything else but a  
newbie who has yet to attain clue .

[1] if you assume everybody else uses the default windows white then  
what else do you assume .

(c) The Amazing Krustov

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