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Dear PHP experts,

I'm in the process of setting up a small film production company and I'm
planning to install a web-based groupware package. I was wondering if any of
you clever people could recommend a good groupware package, please?

I'd like:

- the ability to swap files (scripts, schedules, budgets etc)
- basic project management
- calendar
- contacts
- to-do lists
- wiki
- a media gallery would be excellent (photos, audio, movies)

I like the 'standardness' of XOOPS but it doesn't seem to have any decent
project management modules.  Others I've looked at are eGroupWare (looks
good but is very new and the demo is quite slow), TikiPro (no project
management), phpProjekt (looks great except the demo's in German),
phpGroupWare, php-Collab, moreGroupWare and DotProject (looks excellent
except it has no wiki - which is a deal breaker).

Thanks loads,
Daniel Kelly

Nickname = Jack


Re: PHP GroupWare?

Go look at sourceforge. One such thing that is on that that you may want to
consider is called TUTOS. -Ike

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Re: PHP GroupWare?

Hi Ike,

Thanks loads for the reply.  Yes, I've had a look on SourceForge and TUTOS
does indeed look good.  I was just wondering if anyone had any first hand
experience of these packages?  Reviews seem a little hard to come bye.


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Re: PHP GroupWare?

I played with tutos for a couple of days and was very impressed with it.
They seem to cover a lot of stuff, and if you want to embellish it, its all
sitting right there in front of you, source code, database structure,
etc. -Ike

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Re: PHP GroupWare?

Kimmo Laine wrote:
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only get HTML.

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