php global includes?

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Isn't there some way to include some php code every time a php script is
run without having to put an include statement in the script?

All I want to do is set the ORACLE_HOME environmental variable on a
development machine. The servers have it compiled into php and it's
different on different machines. So programmers using the development
platform shouldn't have to set ORACLE_HOME.

I've been browsing the php documentation and doing google searches for an
hour already. I thought there was a config file somewhere where you could
put some php code and it would be run every time a script is run.

Did I dream that?

Re: php global includes?

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 Yes. auto_prepend_file configuration variable.

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 Wouldn't that be best set in your Apache startup script, or even /etc/profile
(or equivalent) per machine? Unless it's in exactly the same path on every
development machine... perhaps your development environment is well enough
regimented to guarantee the location though.

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 auto_prepend_file with a putenv() call is the closest match to what you're
asking, as far as I'm aware.

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Re: php global includes?

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Well, maybe I should have asked that question first.

This works:

putenv("ORACLE_HOME=" . getenv("ORACLE_HOME"));
$conn = OCILogon ('username', 'password, 'host);
OCIdisconnect ($conn);

But it doesn't work without the putenv (getenv()). I get the standard
message indicating that it gives when ORACLE_HOME is not set.

Warning: ocilogon(): _oci_open_server: Error while trying to retrieve
text for error ORA-12154 in /home/jhe/public_html/index.php on line 17

So even though I can getenv  ORACLE_HOME, I still have to putenv it
before OCI will work. This seems to be standard behavior unless you
compile php with ORACLE_HOME.

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