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I think I am getting very close to figuring out a good method for using
multiple PHP functions to generate parts of a single XML tree (that
will then be transformed to XHTML).

I have found two ways to use PHP to generate the composite XML
DomDocument but do not know how to decide between them. I have made up
an example of each method so you can see them and posted them on my
site so the formatting is a little nicer.

Also, I'm really curious about the pass by reference confusion that is
in method one.

Any suggestions are really appreciated!


Re: PHP generating XML

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I figured that out. PHP5 automatically passes object instances by
reference so the & is implicit and unnecessary.

So I don't see anything wrong with using Method 1 but I'm still
interested if there is an argument against it.

One thing is it is not object-oriented programming. I don't know how I
would make it object-oriented and easier to use.


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