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I appologize if I make reference to the Java language and/or its
frameworks, but for the purpose of this question I think I have no

For years I've been designing all my web pages in Java, and have been
refusing pretty much all PHP contracts untill now.  I'd like to start
taking a deeper look at PHP's potential, so here is my question:

For all my Java projects I've been using a layout framework called
SiteMesh.  Similar in nature to Struts' own Tiles project.

I prefer by a huge margin to work with SiteMesh over the others due to
its extreme simplicity and efficiency!

What are the equivalent PHP layout frameworks available (ordered by
simplicity of use)!

Thank you,

Re: PHP Frameworks...

Jeach! wrote:

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There are a lot of them:

I use CodeIgniter myself.

Chris Hope | |

Re: PHP Frameworks...

Chris Hope wrote :
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That's a great list.

If you ever tried coding in ruby on rails, you'd be quite impressed with
what is possible to do.
For example, the scaffolding system is quite impressive :

This is how to create the start of a blog with scaffolding. 4 lines in one
file, 2 in another one, and the job is done.

CakePHP is used by someone at works, and he said he never saw something that
impressive. :)

I can't this is best than any other one since I didn't try, I can at least tell
you a lot of people use it for its simplicity, documentation, and community.


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