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I am looking for a script that act as a Simple Forum, with the
possibility of admin and configuration setting. Can use MySQL.

My problem is that the scripts I've found so far are hard to integrate
with my already existent community portal.
It would be easiest if I could find a forum that does not have
"registered users" feature (one that is open to anyone to post), that
way I could just put my own verifications at the top of each page.

Do anyone knows about a PHP forum script that does not have user
registration or that can be easily integrated with other user sessions?


Re: PHP Forum Script

yeah, check out - simple to start with, easy to fit in,
powerful when you want it to be.


Re: PHP Forum Script

Thanks ingvalid;
I tried

I found very hard to bypass their user and registration system.
Seems to me that in order to post, users have to be in their user data
base... As I have an alternative big DataBase of users, and I don't
want to have them signing more than once, I had problems adapting it.

What I wanted is something like this:
1) The forum accepts anybody to post - no registered users, no login,
no control;
2) The forum asks for a name for each post, and an optative URL.

I, then, in the beginning of the pages, will:
1) Check using the sessions, that the user is logged in the community;
2) Insert the Name as the Poster's name;
3) Insert the Profile page as the Poster's URL.

I am sure that there must be something that fits.

I will have a many topics, but only a few forums.

Thanks for the help!

Re: PHP Forum Script

hmm - you may have started in a difficult end.  it should be easy to
create a forum where you specify that anyone can post, i.e., with no

so regarding user management - allowing anyone to post - you should not
have to do any adjustment to the code.

to incorporate the forum into an existing site there's a header and a
footer file, or a procedure to embed the forum in one or several sites
(faq: , "I need to embed
Phorum in my page/application").

there might be existing hacks (published on dealing with
existing user sessions.

good luck, with phorum or otherwise.


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