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I have one form where a query is run based on the word placed into a
text box.  The operator enters their name for example, on one form and
the query shows up on a second page.  I'm using PHP, MySQL and Apache
and want the user to be able to click their browser back button and
not have to continuously re-enter their query word in the text box.  I
know that some browsers allow this type of activity but in this case
and using Internet Explorer, that's not an option so...

Are there any good cookie scripts that will allow for this?  Or is
there a better way of handling it?


Re: PHP Form Cookie Question

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I should mention too that my hope is, to find a cookie solution that
last for that single browser session only.  thanks

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Use a JASON form where JAVASCRIPT is used with hidden fields.  It will
break with people that disable JAVASCRIPT, so you'll have to decide if
your sub-optimal solution is "better" or having everything on one form
is an easier user experience.  BTW, this isn't a php issue.  It's
strictly a browser-based UI issue requiring HTML/JAVASCRIPT.

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Re: PHP Form Cookie Question

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You should be able to implement a solution using session variables.
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Re: PHP Form Cookie Question

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What is a "cookie script"?

But no, you cannot do this reliably in PHP because when the user hits
the "back button", the browser may pull the page from its cache, and not
even go to the server.  So no PHP code will ever be run.

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