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I am trying to set up an form, which at the end makes a vacation

It has a certain amount of pages, depending on what the client wants.

I would like to read some background articles, how you make such forms,
since I thought of different ways to approach it, but I don't know which
is the best one..

I have already one working, but it does not allow any correction
(everything has to be filled out exactly and in a fixed order).

The goals are:
- form with form validation (validation already done)
- all data is stored as session var
- there are some selections which are depending on other ones. for
example, it depends on the hotel, which plans (all inclusive, only
breakfast, ...) i can choose. so if I change the hotel, i have to look
if the plan exists in the new hotel, and if not tell the user he has to
choose a new one.

What I would like to know are basics, such as what is a good way to go
forward and backward in a multiple page form, always thinking about the
possibility to change things. when is the best time to make the
validation, and when to store it as session var?

sorry if all is a little bit confusing. At the end I would like to read
something sophisticate about forms, if possible togheter with php
validation since i dont know javascript...

thankx in advance,


Re: php form background

Florian Peer wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This is pretty complicated.  I have yet to see a tutorial or book that addresses
something like this.

I would think your best bet is to go to or and
run and look at some open source php that addresses some of the points you
brought up above.  I doubt you'll get the kind of in-depth answer you want here.

Good luck,
Shawn Wilson

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