PHP exec isn't doing a waitpid. Eh?

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On Unix (MacOSX 10.3), I have an exec

    $rs = array(); $rc = 0;
    exec("program yadda yadda yadda",$rs,$rc);

and the program does a fork with parent exitting immediately
(to daemonise the program). With ps I can see the parent as a
zombie, by the PHP code never reaps the exit code or returns
from the exec. This was working fine yesterday and today suddenly
stopped working. Does anybody have a suggestion what can be
wrong with this fershinlungger code?

SM Ryan /
There are subtler ways of badgering a witness.

Re: PHP exec isn't doing a waitpid. Eh?

SM Ryan wrote:

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I'm fumbling here, but does it call setsid() after the fork? Otherwise the
child's in the same process group as PHP.



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