php.exe has generated errors

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I think this may be a Win 2K problem, rather than a PHP problem,
but I've suddenly started getting error messages when I run PHP
from the command line. For example, when I run "pear help" or
"pear list", the windoze error message, "php.exe has generated
errors and must be shut down. You will have to restart the
program" comes up when the interpreter has finished.

I'm running PHP 5.1.6 with Apache 2.2.3 and MySQL 5.0.16.  

I found a bug report from 2000, but there was no response to the
developers so they closed it. I don't think reporting it as a bug
is appropriate yet, but does anyone have an idea what might be
causing this and what to do about it? Google doesn't seem to turn
up anything helpful.

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