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I want to gain insight into the access and running of scripts by the
php engine on my production box.

Most scripts are executed via cronjobs and they invoke a lot of other
php scripts. I can backtrace these files, but a lot of other scripts
are run by our users from the command line and I want to know if it possible
to instruct the engine to log the names of these script files.

I use php version 4.3.6 and I tried to modify the php.ini file to enable
logging, but the logfile only reports errors and not the access/execution a

Is there a way to instruct the php engine to log the execution of


Re: php engine scripts execution logging


I found the solution myself, thank you ;)  just kiddin'
Ok, here's the solution : this works with version  4.3.6 (cli), mileage may
vary with other versions.
PHP uses php.ini (of course)  and with the lines

; Automatically add files before or after any PHP document.
auto_prepend_file =
auto_append_file = /usr/local/karoshi/src/logging/php-log.php

you can append or prepend a script after of before execution of the main
script. Here I state that after execution of the main script php should
execute php-log.php  (remember to fully quantify the path to the script).

Now let's take a look at php-log.php :


$current_exec ="";
$current_incl ="";

for ($index = 0; $index < $_SERVER['argc']; $index++)
 $current_exec .= " ".$_SERVER['argv'][$index];

$includes = get_included_files();

for ($index = 0; $index < sizeof(get_included_files()); $index++)
 $current_incl .= " ".$includes[$index];

print("executed .... ".getcwd()." ".$current_exec . " incl:


first check if there are commandline parameters, and parse them. Then check
the includes and parse them. Then output the results prepended with the path
of the executed main script.


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