PHP encrypt/decrypt with only using standard characters

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I've just started playing with mcrypt for encryption but not sure if
I'll need to write my own.  Basically I don't need anything advanced
for protection but want to mask the data so it's not easily
deciphered....BUT, I need the encrypted data to be something that can
be used as an email address (the user portion of the address, not
domain).  So it needs to only output standard ascii characters I can
use there.

Is there an easy way to get mcrypt or another built in function to do
this?  If not, I have ways of building my own but would love to use
something prebuilt.


Re: PHP encrypt/decrypt with only using standard characters

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Usually, you encrypt to raw binary, then encode with something
appropriate for the target alphabet you want, like base64_encode(),
bin2hex(), convert_uuencode(), etc.  To decrypt, reverse the
encoding, then reverse the encryption.

                    Gordon L. Burditt

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