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php and mysql

I am looking to start a newsletter on my site.

I imagine I will have a text box that users enter their email address  
into and a button that says 'subscribe'

To stop people entering other peeps email address I will need some  
verification so I reckon I will need to send a verification email to the  
   email address was that entered and assuming the user wants to  
subscribe they will click a link in this email that adds their address  
to a subscriber table in a dbase on my site.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some php code or existing  
scripts that can do this?  I have seen third party options into which I  
can import from my list but I want to house the list myself.



Re: php email opt in email list

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Please be sure that your site cannot be used as a weapon to mailbomb
people with verification emails.  You shouldn't send a verification
email to any given address more often than, say, once every 2 days,
and if you've already sent 10 verification emails to that address
and it was not verified, maybe you should wait a month before sending
another one.  Eventually you should back off to no more often than
the FTC Do Not Call List:  no more than once a year.

Oh, yes, it's probably a good idea to send the IP address used to
sign up the address in the verification email sent TO that address.

The verification link should probably NOT add an address to a
subscriber table.  It should change the status of the address already
in the table from 'Pending Verification' to 'Subscribed'.

You should consider limiting the number of simultaneous "pending
verification" addresses a given IP address should be able to sign
up.  After, say, 10 signups from a given IP, that IP can't sign up
any more until one of them either verifies or they expire after,
say, 2 weeks.

                    Gordon L. Burditt

Re: php email opt in email list

Thanks for your advice Gordon.

Gordon Burditt wrote:
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