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I know this question is loaded, but would you please recommend your
favorite PHP editor for Windows with syntax checking? I'm just starting
with PHP after having not programmed in many years. The choice of
editors seems to be as daunting as learning the syntax. It's amazing how
good the new editors are, but the ones I have do not include syntax

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mcp6453 wrote:
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Did you try searching this newsgroup's archives?  This has been
discussed several times recently - including last week.

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Re: PHP Editors

mcp6453 wrote:
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Eclipse with PHP Development Tools Plugin


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Joe, IMO the bigger learning curve - not that it's all that difficult,
actually - is more in getting a handle on the HUGE number of PHP
functions;  the syntax itself ain't bad at all.

Accordingly, I use a good ASCII editor, textpad - with its PHP clip
library.   (Some remark involving ' ... cold, dead, fingers ...'
applies here.)

I also use a PHP chm (compiled HTML) file as a useful desktop (non-
web) tool.  I also have ones for Javascript, CSS, and MySQL to round
out the other stuff that usually goes into a PHP app'n.  Google for
these, if interested


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Greetings, mcp6453.
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