php editor - recommendations?

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I need a lightweight php editor I can use on my laptop while on the road.
Can anyone recommend a (preferably free) php editor?

I use DWMX04 on my development workstation, which is great, but I only need
to make occasional, ad hoc changes while on the road (and don't want to
install DW on my laptop).  I have an ftp client on my laptop, so I don't
want an integrated FTP client in the editor, but it would be nice if the
colors/formatting were the same as DW.

Thanks in advance.

Re: php editor - recommendations?

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:51:33 GMT, wrote:

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I use PHP Designer ( /)

Great editor, lightweight enough for me.


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Re: php editor - recommendations?

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this one is nice: /

and if you need a really light road editor try scite
( ) - no installation needed, so you can
carry it on flash disk.

-- / /

re:php editor - recommendations?

I am using Php Coder Pro from here ! -- Connecting Developers

Re: php editor - recommendations?

Eeehm... What OS are you using?
If it's a Linux box (a KDE one) I'd suggest Quanta Plus:


Re: php editor - recommendations?

i like so much kwriter ;-) if you use kde if you use gnome gphpedit but
emacs and vi is great a lot....

Re: php editor - recommendations?

I think that PSPad / and HAPEdit / are worth checking, too...


Re: php editor - recommendations?

All good for Win..

Dev-php : /
PHP Edit : /
Maguma Open Studio: /


Re: php editor - recommendations?


Can anyone recommend a PHP editor which can auto-format my file for me?

Nicholas Sherlock

Re: php editor - recommendations?

Thanks everyone for the recommendations.  I liked PHP Coder the best.

Re: php editor - recommendations?

Not so light, but I'm totally hooked on Homesite because of the built
in remote file saving/ftp.  Do any of the above do something like that
as well?

Re: php editor - recommendations?

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rich wrote:

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I use XEmacs. I can use efs (Extended File System?). In any event it
effectively uses ftp to edit files directly. Interestingly enough it can
also do things like filename completion, etc - even on a file on a
system say in Korea! You can simply tell it to open a file specified as
XEmacs opens an ftp connection to <koreanhost> and prompts you for
<username>'s password. Once that's established (a one time per session
thing) it reads the / (root) directory for matches to
"path_to_the_file". Let's say that the only thing that matches is a
directory named "path_to_the_file_I_want_to_edit". If that's the case
XEmacs will fill in the path to
continue specify the rest of the path/filename. Thereafter you just edit
the file as normal and then save it. When  you save it XEmacs ftp's the
new version of the file and replaces it on <koreanhost>. Nothing could
be simpler! You can also view remote directories, delete files, change
mod bits, whatever - whatever <username> on <koreanhost> is allowed to
do that is.

I use this to edit files on my home system
(/ for example) from work or
anywhere else.

Additionally, for those servers that don't offer ftp access but say
allow ssh access you can use tramp. Tramp is like efs but uses ssh
(and/or other protocols like rsh) to do effectively the same thing. The
only real difference is in the path name itself, which is of the form

Additionally if you want to say insert a file from an ftp server in
England you would issue the command for insert a file then use a
pathname like / or it's
tramp equivalent. Viola! File inserted. Done!

A simple concept yet very powerful.

Even if you are happy to see me, get that umbrella outta my butt!!!

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Re: php editor - recommendations? says...
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Dunno, but I'm hooked on Crimson Editor for both it's FTP capabilities and
the fact that I can set it up with different code colouring conventions
for different languages. /

Geoff M

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