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I am not spamming this news group.  I wanted to pass along a great offer
(40% off) from EnglnSite (Makers of PHP Editor/IDE and PERL Editor/IDE) / .  Read this News item for the details   Their debugger and
profiler will rival most any other IDE out there, especially considering the

Re: PHP Editor/IDE

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(1) spammers lie.
(2) spammers are stupid and assume we are.
(3) see (1)

if this post had been to an free, open-source tool, I wouldn't have
called it spam.  If it had been a recommendation based on someone asking
for information, I wouldn't have called it spam.  But, per (1), this is
a Windows-only product being sold for $69.00.

When will spammers learn that spamvertising just discourages sales from
the very people they want to sell their products to?

[reported to earthlink and site's ISP]

DeeDee, don't press that button!  DeeDee!  NO!  Dee...

Re: PHP Editor/IDE

I'll take this opportunity to say that if you want a great Free/Open Source
editor, check out TruStudio.  It's an Eclipse plugin.  It's amazing, I love
it.  It's currently at 1.0M6, so it's not quite finished - but it's quite
usable, and I have found it quite stable.  It just lacks a few features (for
instance the integrated WYSIWIG HTML editor is not quite up to par yet).

The real kicker with TruStudio is that you get all the power of Eclipse
(which is quite a lot of power).  Integrated CVS access, and an integrated
diff merging system (including binary diffs - you can compare projects and
find images that have changed, and it will show you a side by side
comparison right in the the IDE) are two of my favorites.

Plus Eclipse itself is an open source project! (TruStudio)

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