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are there any php based economic simulations out there - not trading games
per se, but more like simulating an economy, be it running a business or
running a government?

All i've been able to find are online space trading or role-playing style
games, rather than any kind of "tycoon" or "civilisation" style games
written in PHP.

Re: php economic simulation scripts

Steaming Balturd wrote:
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Not really, no. All i got is a simulation of bookkeeping events: you
enter planned payments etc. in the database. When the simulation is run,
facts and journal posts are generated in the normal bookkkeeping
database. Afterwards the bookkeeping software can show the balance as if
it all really happened as planned.

The trick is in the option to make events 'repeated': for example you
can say that some amount will be payed every month because of rent for
the office.

The simulation enigne is generic, but it's time granularity is a single
day. The curren version is not suited for simulation by hours, minutes
and seconds.

The bookkeeping is web based, in Dutch and, if i have time i will
probably make it open source (but i don't have time yet). The simulation
engine is in English and is part of a commercial product for financial
control. A tool for managing replicated databases for simulating
different scenario's is planned to be developed for this product too.

If you like (i.e, are willing to pay) i could develop a simulation
engine in php suited for your needs. But then you will have to develop
the simulation model, a statistics module, and user interfaces for both.
Assuming you have sufficient theoretical domain knowledge and validation
data, analytical and programming skills, and above all, lots of time ;-) .


Henk Verhoeven,

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