PHP EAI Solution? (vs BizTalk)

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I'm tasked with a project where I am responsible for designing and
implementing a solution to an enterprise application integration problem.
This is an e-commerce site which needs to exchange messages with multiple
disparate systems on a frequent basis.

I'm looking for an existing PHP (I would consider other open source)
solutions for consideration.

The features I'd like would be thus:
1.    Configurable adapters for connecting to data sources (ftp, soap, file,
db, etc.)
2.    Modular pipelining for transforming data and encapsulating business
3.    Both scheduled and event triggered message exchange.
4.    Robust logging and notification when failures occur.

There is some internal pressure within the organization to utilize BizTalk
for this problem, but I feel this would be overkill in both capital and
labor costs.

If I can make a convincing argument for linux/apache/php, I can overcome the
pressure to utilize Microsoft and BizTalk.

I'd appreciate being pointed in the direction of any existing php/opensource
framework for this.   Having to design and program the solution from scratch
in PHP would be less desirable, but may be possible.


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