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    I've got a situation, where i'd like to have a selection box of
products. The user picks one product, and a menu appears doesn't activate,
but it shows some more detail regarding the product, say a car, and the
detail is a list of years you could pick. You pick the year and a list of
color choices appears, so on and so forth until you either select a choice
in which a database query is generated and you get a page or you get a page
listing all close parts. I was wondering if this was feasible without
clientside javascript, i don't like to rely on client side scripting as not
all user's utilize it.

Re: php dynamic menu generation

If you want this done by PHP you will have to submit the form after each
selection so that the PHP script can detect what was selected and offer the
next set of options.

I personally would not do this in a single form. I use what is known as the
"waterfall effect" as is demonstrated in my sample application. Read about
it at

Tony Marston

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