PHP Documenter - How to use?

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Hi everybody,
So, I've decided that I need to find some formal PHP documenter program  
because I'm tired of just writing things down in text documents or  
sending emails to myself.

I have found PHP Documenter, but I cannot figure out how to use it.  I  
have looked on their support forums, and everybody seems to have same  
question as mine.  But the answer is always something along the lines:  
"Go to the web interface and it makes sense."  Well, sorry, whoever  
designed the interface was not a usability expert (or maybe I'm an idiot!).

I have noticed that a few of you in this group have been using it when  
posting source code.  Can anyone explain how I generate documentation  
using PHP Documenter?

I am fine with using the command line interface or the "web" interface,  
just as long as I can get this thing to work.

When I visit the web interface (http://localhost/phpdoc/), I get to a  
screen that seems to prompt for the working directory.  I type the full  
path to one of my projects, and I just get a handful of warning and  
notices (I am running PHP 5.1.1 on Apache).

Any ideas or ways to use this program?  Or, any suggestions to another  
PHP documentation program?


Carl Vondrick

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