PHP display/install? problem

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I downloaded:

Windows Binaries
PHP 5.0.4 zip package [7,488Kb] - 31 Mar 2005
md5: fff10991a8e6f3b36ee567eb236ae3f4

This is the current BETA release of version 5.0 of the MySQL database
 apache_2.0.54-win32-x86-no_ssl.exe      16-Apr-2005 15:13  7.8M  Installer

I did a developer install and manually load Apache on localhost:8080

I get the welcoming screen. Also MySql seems functional as I tested the
tutorial using world.sql  The setup had no errors.

Then I installed PHP.  Also added LoadModule php5_module
"c:/php/php5apache2.dll" to httpd.conf

and updated the AddType entry -- Renamed file to php.ini and moved to
c:\windows copied php5ts.dll to c:\windows\system

I wrote the  <? phpinfo() ; ?>  in notepad and copied it to the

htdocs subdirectory. My instructions state that I'm suppose to be able to
open this in a browser (IE) and view a PHP banner with system information.
I have Apache server started and MySQL loads automatically.

The Problem: All that happens is that a black screen with some white print
flashes by (it looks like what are the correct swithces) dos type file. And
then nothing loads into the browser. I have the file set to be opened with
Apache but I've tried with IE also. If I use the "open as web folder" option
I can see the files that are in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs

I also tried with simple.php

 print "Hello Web!";

which does not display in the browser but creates the brief opening of that
dos-like file

I suppose this is a simple matter but I've read a lot of posts to no avail.
Thanks for useful ideas.

Regards, Stephen

Re: PHP display/install? problem Solution


I got this problem fixed. I used the msi installer for Apache
instead of the full download, I have Windows XP pro.
I also uninstalled IIs because I wasn't ready to deal with
manual start on port 8080, so I didn't choose developer.
Also added c:\PHP to my Path statement. So this worked
with PHP5.04 ; MySQL 5.0 beta ; and Apache 2.0.54 Windows/

LoadModule php5_module php5apache2.dll
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

1. Make sure that you have a valid php.ini in your windows directory.
OR (Per the tut the 'php.ini' can be installed in the
'C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2' folder. This works fine.)
2. copy libmysql.dll to the system32 directory
(php_mysql.dll would not load without doing this)
3. set the extension_dir in php.ini to the ext directory of your PHP
installation directory (like e.g. extension_dir=C:\php5\ext)
4. enable the MySQL extension in php.ini by uncommenting the line
5. Restart Apache Server

I think that installation web  tutorial is well written.
Don't forget to restart your apache server and refresh
the browser; getting the syntax right calls for attention.
Another research and help resource:


"Stephen Harris" > wrote in message
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Wound up using the msi installer download which I think is up to version 2.0
available from Microsoft.
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Re: PHP display/install? problem Solution

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That last part should read     /Installing-PHP-under-Windows/

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