php dialog widgets?

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I am working on a console app based on dialog ( see e.g. ).  I would also like to have a web-based
interface with a similar look and feel.

Has anyone come across a php based dialog widget toolkit?  This would be
really handy....



Re: php dialog widgets?

Any "interface" to PHP is achieved via HTML, and is really nothing to do  
with PHP itself.
That is to say; HTML is the output from a PHP script execution which then  
becomes the vehicle of input to a subsequent script execution.

With Dynamic HTML and Javascript you can construct a user interface as  
bepoke and elaborate as you wish.
Alternatively Flash can be used as a rich media front end to a server  
application powered by PHP.

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Re: php dialog widgets?

On Sat, 24 Sep 2005 01:20:06 +0100, Fabian Hore wrote:

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True but....  I was hoping that somewhere there is a ready-to-go forms
generation library that I can use....  Much in the way that dialog
provides a ready set of widgets to use in generating console dialog boxes.

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Unfortunately I don't have javascript available...  I need to use pure
HTML, no java[script], flash, etc.

Re: php dialog widgets?

I didn't quite understand your last remark.. "I don't have javascript
available", but never the less...
You can achieve the desired visual effect quite easily with simple
table definitions...
No DHTML involved...
Once you get the first one done, the rest should be a breeze... the
problem lies with the operations or the way the system will work. You
will not get the same type of navigation using plain HTML.
Since I presume you must be developing htis for an old/simple browser,
you probably don't have any of the CSS capabilities to make this

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