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I hope you do not consider this spam, considering it is entirely
specific to this subject-matter and does not qualify as evil,
fire-hosing spam.  Thanks!

The PHP Developer's Kit is available to web-site developers.  It
greatly streamlines and speeds development by taking care of all the
mundane details while you focus on the design.  For instance, here is
all that is needed to create an entire, working web page that supports
asynchronous construction, compression, extensibility, CSS and a wealth
of other time-saving features...

// create a page object and open
$page = new page( "Title Here" ) ;
$page->open() ;

// create one of the dozens of css objects, like this
// predefined one for links that uses hover, etc, and
// output it into the page's <style> area...
$css = new css_link( $page , OUTPUT_NOW ) ;

// create one of the dozen HTML objects derived from
// class_attributes, like this link class
$kitlink = new link( "View Kit Demo" , " "
) ;

// link it to the css object above and output
$kitlink->link2css( $css ) ;
$kitlink->output() ;

// collect all the pieces, put in order, compress and send to the
$page->close() ;

Please visit the demo at .  Meanwhile,
here are some of the features.  I guarantee you will find the kit
helpful and a very real time-saver.

Object Oriented -- The PHP Developer's Kit is entirely object oriented
(OO) using over 100 classes and not quite 1,000 methods.  The Kit is
programmer-oriented in that all the tedious programming has been
implemented inside the classes.  The programmer has only to decide what
to do and then create the objects to do most of the work.

Rapid Protyping -- The Kit uses extensive defaults and constants to
define standard, simple-to-use default behaviors and color schemes.
This simplifies and speeds prototyping.  It is a simple matter to
change the colors and behavior with a few additional method calls.

Extensible -- Object Oriented programming languages, like PHP, were
designed to make them fundamentally extensible.  The Kit is extensible
not only to the developer but within itself, using extensibility to
build increasingly concrete, derived functionality on top of abstract
parent classes.  You may extend the Kit as your specific development
requirements are defined and as the W3 adds new definitions.

Asynchronous construction -- The entire page may be built entirely
asynchronously.  You may add Javascripts, Cascading Style Sheets,
<head> and <body> material at any time prior to sending the finished
page with a simple call to close().  This is particulary useful when a
page is being built in real-time from data in a database.

Cascading Style Sheets -- The Kit supports CSS Levels 1 and 2 and
generates clean, formatted styles directly into the web page.  Both
external and internal style sheets and inline styles are supported.
Using CSS has never been easier with 39 CSS-related classes doing most
of the work for you.

Compression -- The page object queries the user's web browser and, if
supported, compresses the entire page before sending it.  Typical
ratios range from 20:1 to 30:1, dramatically improving perceived
bandwidth, especially with larger pages.

Error Logging and Notification -- The page object will log errors and
even email you if problems arise.

Source Code Included -- The Kit includes over 14,000 lines of tested,
stable and extensible code.

Keyword support -- Search websites, like Google and Yahoo, regularly
send search bots out to look for keywords embedded inside pages.  The
PHP Kit page class provides a keywords() method so you may add your own
search words.

MySQL -- Interface with MySQL databases and tables with lots of
predefined methods taking care of the details.

Sample Project -- The Kit includes an entire sample project with its
own development menu.  The project demonstrates all of the major pieces
of the Kit including database maintenance using add, modify and delete,
email, displaying the contents of a database using a table and
Cascading Style Sheets and lots of examples to kick-start your own

Please email me if you have any questions.  Thanks!

Re: PHP Developer's Kit

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 If your kit was free to use and freely downloadable then fair enough, but it's
neither, which you don't mention until the end of the pages. Since it's not
open to peer review then it's not very interesting.

Andy Hassall :: :: :: disk and FTP usage analysis tool

Re: PHP Developer's Kit

It must have been at least a little interesting to go 3 pages of it.

Honestly, I did not anticipate that others would assume it was free,
given the name and the spam introduction.  I really thought others that
appreciate PHP like I do might find my many (many!) hours of effort and
experiences (some hard-learned) useful.  The demo is, pardon the pun,
demonstrative, written and output using the Kit.  (Of course, I suppose
I could have written the entire thing in HTML...ouch).

Regarding the peer review, it was, but I am happy to make it available
to more reviewer volunteers.

Andy Hassall wrote:
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Re: PHP Developer's Kit

phpdevkit contained the following:

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You are entitled to try to profit from your labours but if you advertise
here it becomes pink and meaty however useful you may think it to be.

Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
It's only Usenet, no one dies.
My opinions, not the committee's, mine.
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Re: PHP Developer's Kit

Following on from Geoff Berrow's message. . .
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Hold on!

The OP dismally failed to indicate this was to be paid-for software and  
that's naughty and IRRITATING.  (I somehow guessed and so haven't seen  
whatever wonderfulness is on offer - it might be really cool and really  
useful to a rake of PHP developers.)


This ng is /not/ restricted to Free software or FOSS or OSS or any  
ideologically 'correct' product.  Usefully advisory adverts that  
encapsulate what's on offer, which might be useful to me are a Good  

PETER FOX Not the same since the porcelain business went down the pan
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Re: PHP Developer's Kit

contained the following:

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Technically you are correct and indeed there are no restrictions in the
charter either.  However, I think the group is very much a part of the
open source community and anything that smacks of commercialism stands
out like a sore thumb. Large numbers of commercial ads could be come
very irritating indeed, but for now, I withdraw my remarks.

Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
It's only Usenet, no one dies.
My opinions, not the committee's, mine.
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Re: PHP Developer's Kit

Peter Fox wrote:
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The original post was dishonest and manipulative. If someone posts a
commercial advertisement on this newsgroup, they should forthrightly
say that they are posting an advertisement, right at the top of their

Anway, who the hell would pay money for a framework when there are so
many good open-source ones out there?

Re: PHP Developer's Kit

lawrence k wrote:
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What and miss out on having my retinas scarred by that glaring yellow
page? ;)
My Eyes! The goggles they do nothing!

Re: PHP Developer's Kit

phpdevkit wrote:
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This is so silly that I failed to resist the temptation to poke some

Re: PHP Developer's Kit

lawrence k contained the following:

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I looked at some other entries about frameworks.

I also work with designers but currently don't use any frameworks.  I
think your ideas about the way programmers and designers should work
together are spot on and will be very interested to see what system you
eventually recommend.

Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
It's only Usenet, no one dies.
My opinions, not the committee's, mine.
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