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Coming from a Java/J2EE background, I'm wondering what are best
practices to build robust, fault-recovery, data-driven WebApps.

Connection Pooling ?  Never mentioned ?  is it an issue ?
When to validate a connection ?   procedure to restore ?

Data Abstraction layers ?

I'll be looking at some of the resources out there:
phrame  MVC platform
Pear DB_DataObjects

Any other helpful reccomendations ?  I'm evaluating.
(anything from IDE's -> platforms -> code generators -> UML)

Re: PHP Design for Prof. MVC-Data WebApps

webguynow spilled the following:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

PHP hasn't accumulated as many snake oil salesmen as Java. If you want
somebody to 'sell' the product to you and tell you how to use it I charge
reasonable rates. Here's a free starter:

1) RTFM - the online version
2) Go forth (not Forth!) and program (a bit)
3) work out how to use PHPDoc and rephlux
4) Google - you've obviously not done much research before arriving here.
(thats w w w (dot) g o o g l e (dot) c o m)
5) **think**
6) lather, rinse, repeat


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