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I read up on the PHP Debugger, but am left with questions:

1) it appears that the server side is all php, so server type  
does not matter.  Correct ?

2) I live behind a nating router/firewall and can only  
communicate with the outside world if I initiate the contact.
Will the windows client initiate the contact with the server ?

(because the examples used non-routable IP numbers, it was hard  
to decide)


Re: PHP Debugger

bill wrote:
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What I do is connect to the server via SSH, and set up a remote tunnel  
from the server to my computer on the debug port.  Then I tell the  
server to send debug requests to "localhost" and they get tunnelled back  
to my PC over the SSH connection.  This successfully breaks through the NAT.

This is using xdebug, I don't know anything about other debuggers  
(xdebug is pretty awesome, though).


Re: PHP Debugger

PHPDebugger author writing...

bill schrieb:

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Correct. I use PHP 5.x, but the PHP part should be compatible with 4.x
too. If not, please post a hint, I'll fix.

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No, currently, the PHP side creates the connection from PHP to

An upcoming release - to get released shortly - should be able to start
the communication from the PHPDebugger side.

To make this work, TADebugger will establish a server-side message
store, which can be retrieved using a special script call. By means of
a config-setting, you should be able to establish the message-store
using a flat-file or a MySQL server.

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Thx for the hint! I'll Change this in the presentation

As the other poster mentioned, other tools might be richer, but
PHPDebugger is very simple to install, doesn't require a PHP
source-compile or and special IDE. That's why I started this project.

Re: PHP Debugger

seaside wrote:
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I hope you will let us know when the "passive mode" version is  


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