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   I'm just moving the first step using a debugger with php and eclipse
   (that I never used before). I managed to do a step by step debug, I
see valiables... so far so good.

   What I cannot unnderstand if I can do is to issue new command within
the debugger. Namely I have a line as te following:

  if(file_exists($spam) && is_readable($spam)) {

that is my breakpoint, as I see that the test return false, I'd like to
issue these commands one at a time from within the debugger, is this


Re: php, debug & eclipse + xdebug

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Bianconiglio wrote:
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I know only the Zend Debugger.

The statements will be executed line by line. So if you have multiple actions in
one line then you are not able to check the induvidual ones.
If this would be in 2 lines then you could.

but there is another thing ( in Zend Debugger you can do this )
as you step to this breakpoint and proceed one step further, so the line will be
Then go with your mouse and mark the "file_exists($spam)" (like if you would
copy the text) then hover again over the selection and in the tooltip the result
should be displayed.

But I don't know if this works with eclipse and xdebug.
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Re: php, debug & eclipse + xdebug

thanks for the answers

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no problem splitting it into two lines...

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that' s a nice feature...

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that doesn't seem to be replicated in eclipse/xdebug...


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