php + cvs = temwork ?

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Iam not shoure if it should by posted here or in cvs newsgroup.. enyway  
hope you can answer some questions...

is it posible to use cvs for php application developmen? I mean can u run  
and debugg files in repository?.. or I should create some sys that  
uppdates document root with lates files?

I would apprishiet eny other ideas about how to approth php app  
development in team,

Thanx in advance

Re: php + cvs = temwork ?

There is no reason why you should not be able to use CVS with PHP  
development. I worked in a company where they did it with success. There  
are a few things to consider when combining PHP with CVS:

It is best to put all the local settings (error handling mail address,  
database login data, etc.) in a separate file and put it in .cvsignore .  
This way, each developer can use their own development (localhost)  
database or a common one, whatever they choose.

One of the problems with CVS is that it will happily keep you in the  
dark while you believe your source is under control. In other words: you  
simply don't have a team unless you specifically ask for it. To keep the  
source updated, you could run a batch script at night that runs an  
update of all your projects. Redirect the output to a text file, so you  
can see what happened in the morning.

One other, more severe problem of CVS is the fact that sharing sources  
between projects is quite difficult. If you define a nice,  
project-independent class in one project and you want to use it in  
another project, there is no way to keep the two copies linked. So CVS  
will make your projects diverge. I heard that subversion supports such  
kind of links, but I never worked with that system. To overcome this,  
you could decide to start some central "crossover" project and refer to  
that in other projects.

I guess (not certain) CVS does not understand file links (unix-style),  
and anyway, if your developers are working with Windows, it will  
certainly not work, as Windows does not understand them either. There is  
some link utility on the net somewhere for windows, but it still good to  
put the links themselves in .cvsignore . Links are sometimes quite  
useful to have the same directories appear in both http:// and https://  
domains (images, for example).

One final advice: don't branch if you don't need to.

Best regards

Carramba wrote:
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Re: php + cvs = temwork ?

Carramba wrote:
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A lot of projects are using SVN instead of CVS. You  
might want to look into that as well. If you are in a windows-based  
environment, the tortoise extension for SVN is also very easy to work with.

I have used both for team-based projects and both can work well. Your  
developers need to get into the mindset of checking in and out of the  
repository on a regular basis.


Re: php + cvs = temwork ?


To answer your question, no you should not try to run the PHP files
from inside the repository. Maybe technically it is possible with CVS
but I would not recommend it.

You can however use your local working copy (the copy each developer
checks out of the repository to work on) as the document root for a
local apache/php testing server. That will allow you to checkout the
currect revisions and debug them. This is how I usually work. But
generally you create a tag when your project reaches a stable point,
checkout a working copy of that tag and upload it to the server

I know you didn't ask for optinions about alternative version control
systems but I would strongly recommend Subversion instead of CVS.


Re: php + cvs = temwork ?


All advice a welcome! the problem with subversion is that it's not  
suported by eclips as default,
and we are using eclips as development platform.

I have to agry that local tests is simplest why to solve this,
but when u need remote testing posibility (difer in php version or  
php.ini, licensing off other components etc)
u run in a bit harde problems. enyway I found some good info how to do this

thak you all! :)


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Thanx in advance

Re: php + cvs = temwork ?

Carramba wrote:
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I assume you know about subclipse? .

Since SVN, tortoise and subclipse all come from the same source, I think  
you may have high confidence that they work.


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