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I'm embarking on a php crm project for my company. I've done a fair bit of
php programming.

I'm asking for advise on how to approach this. I want to do this project as
something I can sell afterwards.

Bascially I want to develop modules that talk to each other.

so index.php?module=whatever?action=whatever

Also I want to make an addon class so making an addon to this is rather

My main problem is, how do you make each module talk to each other. How do I
know what functions the clients module has?

How can I insert info into the client module from an addon class (on the
html page).

IE: I write the client module. Then someone writes a module that adds
pictures to clients. How can that clients module dislplay the picture
without knowledge of the addon class that the other person has made?

Make I make an array which passes the html from module to module and it
inserts it in?

I'm not too sure, I hope you can understand all this and give some feedback.


Re: PHP/CRM Project

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 15:20:06 +1200, Hayden Kirk wrote:

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I think the real question you need to ask yourself is 'How can I make it
much better than SugarCRM'?


Re: PHP/CRM Project

Steve wrote:
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I think sugar falls short in many areas. It has no invoicing. You can
only add contacts, not companies. No branches, no creating jobs and
adding notes to each job, no ticket support...

So yea, and it costs.

I think it could be better.

Hayden Kirk

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