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Re: php "compressor"

Michael Fesser schrieb:
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Thanks for the confirmation.


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Re: php "compressor"

Michael Fesser wrote:

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I dont know, but my autoloader is exactly this:

function _autoload($className) {
    @include str_replace('_', '/', $className) . '.php';

My classes are each in its own file, and the classnames contain
the package names: the class Game_Controller_Action is located
in the file Game/Controller/Action.php.

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I hope, i can kill the overhead of looking up files in the filesystem
and reading them. The server hosts several virtual hosts and i suspect
that the problem lies somewhere in this config. So i want to try to
get the disks out of the processing as much as possible and then see,
if the situation gets better.

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I have the xcache extension enabled.

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Re: php "compressor"

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1) what makes you think this will be faster?
2) What right order? For class definitions, it doesn't matter what
order they are declared in, only the order in which they are
instantiated (and you shouldn't instantiate objects inline within
include files)

Why don't you try a test case by hand and see if its any faster - I
suspect it won't be significantly different.


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