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I run a personal home computer which is Windows 7 Home premium-64-bit
processor. I am not sure if I have any server pre-installed already
but I want to start writing PHP codes for the first time(Learning it)
then test them using my browsers. Do I need to do anything a part from
installing an IDE and a text editor? Please help me with this.
I use Microsoft's powerful WebMatrix text editor and I have Visual
Studio IDE as well.

Thank you in advance.

Re: PHP Coding


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Most likely not. And if there would be any, it would be IIS. But PHP on
an IIS … well, it's possible, but just doesn't feel right. ;-)

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PHP needs an environment consisting of a webserver (usually Apache), the
interpreter itself and - optional - often a database (usually MySQL).
Combine that with the used operating system (usually Windows or Linux)
and you'll get the names you can search for to get all-in-one-packages
(excluding the OS, of course): WAMP or LAMP.

So if you don't want to install the required software by hand (not that
complicated, though), you could have a look at the XAMPP project for

Haven't used it myself, but heard good things about it.

* * *

An additional note about the PHP configuration: After you got your PHP
system up and running, check the php.ini and make sure these directives
are configured as follows:

error_reporting = E_ALL|E_STRICT
display_errors = yes

Especially the first one is important. By default PHP would hide
E_NOTICE errors (at least it did all the years, not sure if it's still
the case), but on a development system it's a must to show _all_ error
messages. And if you're about to learn PHP, it's even more important, so
you can avoid sloppy coding right from the beginning.

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You can use whatever IDE you like. I prefer Eclipse/PDT, but that's
completely up to you.

Good luck and have fun.


Re: PHP Coding

On Mon, 20 Jun 2011 09:55:29 -0700 (PDT), in comp.lang.php Elicode

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Having a quick look at MS site it appears that PHP is already
installed as it is part of WebMatrix.
"From ASP.NET to PHP, IIS 7.0 provides a powerful and flexible Web
Create a new file in WebMatrix with the extension of php i.e.
test1.php and enter the following:
  echo "Hello World";
Save the file and then run it. You should see a web page with the text
Hello World on it. If you don't then it might be a WebMatrix
configuration problem.

WebMatrix uses the SQL Server for its database so any tutorials that
you find you will need to convert the mySQL statements to the of SQL
Server PDO statements.

Stepping outside of this editor is another matter all together as Win7
Home doesn't come with IIS. It maybe part of WebMatrix and maybe
loaded and removed when you start/shutdown WebMatrix. You will need to
check your OS configuration for this information.

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