Php Client / .Net Webservice / chat datatype problem - Plz!

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Problem in sending char format to the .net webservice from php.
description follows.

I've created a .net webservice.

..Net Webservice:

    <WebMethod()> _
    Public Function HelloChat(ByVal mychar As Char) As String
        Return mychar & mychar
    End Function

Php Client:

$parameters['mychar'] = "c";
$soap_proxy = $s->getProxy();
$result = $soap_proxy->HelloChat($parameters);
if (!$err = $soap_proxy->getError()){
    echo 'Error: ' . $err . "\n";

When i execute above, i received following errors.

"Error: soap:Client: Server was unable to read request. --> There is an
error in XML document (1, 906). --> Input string was not in a correct
format. "

How to send char format data to the webservice from php. For
String, Numbers above code works well.


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