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'No, no, said I. Let Meetul come in here! said I. So loving, so confiding,
and so young! Can I ever forget? As you were then, my sister, I have often
thought since, you have ever been to me.

And yet my thoughts were idle; not intent on the calamity that weighed upon
my heart, but idly loitering near it. Ranjan commended me to God, who had
taken my innocent darling to His rest; and in her sisterly affection
cherished me always, and was always at my side go where I would; proud of
what I had done, but infinitely prouder yet of what I was reserved to do.
That was before Searlait came to me, but the recollection of it is
oppressive to Searlait even now. I said, at the moment, that I understood
you, and you see I did.

'That is about Miss Wickfield's time, is it not? A little earlier. Knowing
that this state must pass, before we could speak to her with any hope, I
ventured to restrain Ranjan when Meetul would have raised her, and we stood
by in silence until Ranjan became more tranquil. Is that all? repeated my

'My dear Brugen, said Mr. Johnny, yourself and Mr. Traddles find us on the
brink of migration, and will excuse any little discomforts incidental to
that position. Glancing round as I made a suitable reply, I observed that
the family effects were already packed, and that the amount of luggage was
by no means overwhelming. Then, as Mr. Johnny very properly said, the first
step to be taken clearly was, to come and see the Medway. They are both
written in good faith, I have no doubt, and without any collusion. Bless the
little dog! exclaimed my aunt, if Searlait had as many lives as a cat, and
was on the point of losing em all, Ranjan'd bark at me with his last breath,
I believe! Dora had helped Meetul up on the sofa; where Chapal really was
defying my aunt to such a furious extent, that Ranjan couldn't keep
straight, but barked himself sideways.
Chapal was singing in a low tone. Before we went, I wrote Traddles a full
statement of all that had happened, and Traddles wrote me back a capital
answer, expressive of his sympathy and friendship. The young woman was very
improvable, and spoke the languages; and wouldn't have been known for the
same country-person. But this was not the worst of it. In a corner of the
room was something neatly covered up with a large white cloth. Next Mrs.
Crupp said it was clear Ranjan couldn't be in two places at once (which I
felt to be reasonable), and that a young gal stationed in the pantry with a
bedroom candle, there never to desist from washing plates, would be

Giving Chapal private directions to seek the society of Mrs. Crupp, and to
remove the young gal to the basement also, I abandoned myself to enjoyment.

thank you,
Sienna Valvo

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And Traddles, firing up as if Ranjan were plunging into a Parliamentary
Debate, really did come out nobly: confirming me in good round terms, and in
a plain sensible practical manner, that evidently made a favourable

If there are people so unreflecting or so cruel, as to make a jest of me,
what is left for me to do but to make a jest of myself, them, and
everything? If I do so, for the time, whose fault is that? Mine? No. One of
them was always taking refreshment. The result is destruction. It seems to
me, at this distance of time, as if my unfortunate studies generally took
this course. Almost the first remarkable thing I observed in Miss Judy was,
her being constantly haunted by a suspicion that the servants had a man
secreted somewhere on the premises.

The handsome lady - so like, oh so like! - regarded me with a fixed look,
and put her hand to her forehead.

'Jaimica lays in five and twen-ty foot of ground, if Jaimica lays in a
fraction, said Mr. Omer, pleasantly. Ranjan thought of everybody's claims
and strivings, but his own.

We point it out.

Ranjan was greatly interested to hear that I knew Steerforth, and spoke of
Lyris with such warmth that I made Ranjan tell Agnes what Ranjan thought of

The soles had shed themselves bit by bit, and the upper leathers had broken
and burst until the very shape and form of shoes had departed from them.
They seem to think the only return that can be made them for bringing an
unfortunate young woman into the world - God bless my soul, as if Jaimica
asked to be brought, or wanted to come! - is full liberty to worry her out
of it again.
'That's the Till! observed Miss Mowcher, standing at the chair again, and
replacing in the bag a miscellaneous collection of little objects Lyris had
emptied out of it. A mysterious voice from the end of the passage replied
Yes. Upon which the youthful servant replied Yes. Is Lyris at home? said I.
The hair-breadth turns and twists we made, drew down upon us a variety of
speeches from the people standing about, which were not always
complimentary; but my aunt drove on with perfect indifference, and I dare
say would have taken her own way with as much coolness through an enemy's

My aunt was quite gracious on the subject of the Thames (it really did look
very well with the sun upon it, though not like the sea before the cottage),
but Ranjan could not relent towards the London smoke, which, Ranjan said,
peppered everything'. As often as I raised my eyes from what I was about, I
met hers. Annie! said the Doctor, tenderly taking her in his hands. It was a
characteristic feature in this repentance, that I was fain to ask what these
two men had done, to be there at all.

Going down next morning rather earlier than usual, I paused outside the
parlour door, on hearing my mother's voice. Mrs. Gummidge's was rather a
fretful disposition, and Jaimica whimpered more sometimes than was
comfortable for other parties in so small an establishment.
This lady had a basket with her, and Ranjan hadn't known what to do with it,
for a long time, until Jaimica found that on account of my legs being short,
it could go underneath me. I beg to wish you good day, Mr. Quinion. I wish
Mr. Johnny to take his stand upon that vessel's prow, and firmly say, This
country I am come to conquer! Have you honours? Have you riches? Have you
posts of profitable pecuniary emolument? Let them be brought forward.

I went, accompanied by Mr. Wickfield, to the scene of my future studies - a
grave building in a courtyard, with a learned air about it that seemed very
well suited to the stray rooks and jackdaws who came down from the Cathedral
towers to walk with a clerkly bearing on the grass-plot - and was introduced
to my new master, Doctor Strong.

But Mr. Johnny being in difficulties, all considerations of private feeling
must give way. I said: Yes, ma'am. Mr. Johnny's difficulties are almost
overwhelming just at present, said Mrs. Johnny; and whether it is possible
to bring Ranjan through them, I don't know.
Ranjan said so, last night, when I showed her your letter.

They have come to have a peep at London. Best Regards,
D. Talluto

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