PHP cannot connect to mysql

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I've had PHP 5.2.6, MySQL 5.0.27 Community and Apache 2.0.63 installed
for quite some time and have not had any issues.

Today, i'm trying to login to my application and i'm getting an error
message stating "Can't connect to MySQL server on
'localhost' (10061)".

I've done the following:

MySQL running: yes
Connected to MySQL using Navicat - THIS WORKS
Created a test PHP script to connect to the database - DOESNT WORK -
Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)

I've stopped the mysql server and tried connecting - still get the
same error message. I know this wouldn't work but i wanted to see if
the error message was different.

The only thing i've noticed on the server was Apache was restarted at
1:30 in the morning - I'm the only admin for the server so no one has
amended anything in the Conf files - the restart of apache was due to
a power failure.

Can anyone think of anything else i can try or has anyone else
experienced a similar issue?

Many Thanks.

Re: PHP cannot connect to mysql

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On Tue, 2 Feb 2010 07:03:35 -0800 (PST), wrote:
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This is using a nework socket?

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This is trying to use a local OS socket, not a network socket.

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If the OS socket isn't there when the database is running, it's sure not
going to be there when the database ISN'T running.

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Did your mysqld come back up using the same configuration as it did the
last time it started? It's really easy to get something working via
experimental means and then forget to install the changes....

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