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A short overview of how I understand trackback implementation:

blogA writes a story about blogB
blogA inserts blogB's trackback URL
blogA's software pings blogB's trackback URL
      I think this contains blogA entry's URL
blogB's software pingback's blogA's URL to verify the entry's existance
blogB lists blogA's URL as an entry about blogB's entry if pingback success

and also the reverse if blogB writes a story about blogA's entry.  blogA  
should send a pingback to blogB's URL if it gets a trackback ping from it.


I'm using MediaWiki 1.5.5, which is just a php-based wiki software.  
This version of MediaWiki that I am using includes the code to handle  
the incoming trackback pings already.  If a blog writes an entry about a  
page in the wiki, it can use the wiki page's trackback URL to ping the  
wiki page it refers to.  MediaWiki will list the blog that referred to  
it at the bottom of the page.

So this is good to go, but MediaWiki does not provide the functionality  
to ping the trackback URL of another website.  I dabble in PHP a bit,  
and don't think it would be too difficult to add this feature to  
MediaWiki at all, but I'm not sure about the guts of trackback pinging  
functions.  Like I was saying, I think that you have to have:

(A) The URL to ping
(B) The URL of the wiki page / blog entry which will refer to it
(C) Something to respond to the pingback, if sent (some trackbacks don't  
pingback) (and I'm not sure if you even have to send something back when  
you get pingbacked - it might just be checking to see if it is a webpage  
and that it loads, I'm not sure)

The main part of the code, I don't see much of a problem with.  I would  
write a function that takes the URLs as parameters.  The only thing I'm  
not sure about is what exactly to send the trackback url when I ping it.

Any help would be appreciated.

John D. Mann

Re: PHP Blog Trackbacks


on 01/13/2006 09:21 AM said the following:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The PHP Classes site also handles blog trackback links. Here you may
find a pages that explains how it works with links to the relevant
specification pages:


Manuel Lemos

Metastorage - Data object relational mapping layer generator

PHP Classes - Free ready to use OOP components written in PHP

Re: PHP Blog Trackbacks

Manuel Lemos wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, that'll take some doing for me to decipher :)  I'll try making a  
standalone system to see what happens, and if all goes well, I will  
implement it into the existing code.  Thanks for the link.

John D. Mann

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