php-based image gallery without determined appearance

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Does anybody know a php-based image gallery, where final looks of the actual
site would not be determined by the application? I mean that there would
only be a php-library of objects/functions that could be used to incorporate
folders and images to any kind of website with personal appearance.

(Of course administration application should be ready made. I'm not talking
about "send your favorite pics"-community, but image gallery as a part of
centrally administrated corporate website.)

Here's the example what it could be when actually used AS PART OF MY OWN

if($gallery->hasCurrentCategory() &&
$gallery->currentCategory->hasImages() )
    while $image = $gallery->currentCategory->fetchImage()
        echo $image->thumbLink("200","200");
        echo $image->description();

Perttu Pulkkinen, Finland

Perttu Pulkkinen

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