PHP as CGI does NOT under Linux??

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I created simply test file (<?php phpinfo(); ?>) and tried to install php
as CGI  under my RedHat 9.

PHP 4.3.8 was compiled from source  tarball. mod_php under Apache 1 and 2
works, only CGI does not work! :( Apache logs contains "Premature end of
script headers".  Web browser can see "Internal message" :(

I checked two, different instalation in httpd.conf. None of them works
correctly and I do not know why.

First approach:

ScriptAlias /php4/ "/usr/local/php4/bin"
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
Action application/x-httpd-php "/php4/php"

Second approach:

ScriptAlias /php4/ "/usr/local/php4/bin/"
AddHandler php-script .php
Action php-script "/php4/php"


[OT] Re: PHP as CGI does NOT under Linux?? (was: PHP as CGI does NOT under Linux??)

*** JZ escribió/wrote (Wed, 1 Sep 2004 15:36:22 +0200):
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Please apologize me for being so cheeky and feel free to ignore this
message. But I've been trying to upgrade the PHP packages in my good old
Red Hat 9 box and I finally reached the conclusion that it's impossible.

When I compile the PHP tarball it complains about not having a recent
Apache version. When I compile the Apache tarball it complains about so
many missing packages that I'd have to upgrade even the POP3 server.

Did you do anything special? Were you forced to break your server into

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