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This may be a very dumb question to you guys, but I am a PHP
beginner.  I have a PHP link that I would like to contain in an array,
with URLs and link titles being the contained data.  After researching
arrays a little, I understand that something like

$thenumbers = array('ONE', 'dos', 'three', '4');

foreach ($thenumbers as $thenumber) {
echo $thenumber.', ';

would return "ONE, dos, three, 4, " as I added a separating comma.
However, I want two variables to appear inside of my echo line.  I
shall break this down into two parts.

1) Would array('MyURL' => 'MyText', 'MySecondURL' => 'MySecondText')
be a valid array to insert into '<a href=THE LINK>THE TEXT</a>'?

2) a) If so, how would I declare each variable in the same way I did

2) b) If not, how would I write my array?  I want to avoid writing two
arrays where possible.

Please remember, I am a beginner at PHP, I am just learning, so please
be patient ant explain everything to me as simple as possible.

Re: PHP Array check

On 5/6/2011 5:25 PM, Naytee wrote:
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The array definition would be correct.

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You need the key and the value, i.e.

foreach($thenumbers as $key=>$value)

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A great place to start is with the official doc.  For instance, see

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