php|arch Training Course - Any feedback?

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Hello all,

I've had a desire to learn PHP for some time now, but every PHP book I
end up buying just puts me to sleep by about chaper 3.  So I've been
looking for some more hands-on PHP type learning courses, and I've
come across php|architect's Zend certificate training course.

They are endorsed directly by Zend as a training partner, and the
price is definitely attractive compared to some others I've seen.
Here's a direct link to their cirriculum

So I guess my questions on this would be:

1. Has anyone already taken this course, and can you provide any
2. Having relatively no formal programming training, would I be
getting in over my head by taking this course?
3. After having completed this course, do you feel knowledgable enough
about PHP to pass the Zend certification?

Any input on this is greatly appreciated!

Kevin Gibbons

Re: php|arch Training Course - Any feedback?

Personnaly, I learnt PHP and MySQL from scratch by look at some forum (e.g.
vbulletin, phpbb, etc) coding, You will probably learn most of them within 2
months, just to see the script that you are really interest in...that's will
help....php|Arch?might be a good idea, but I think you will find it pretty
hard if you have no C or PHP skills...

Re: php|arch Training Course - Any feedback?

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 01:16:53 GMT, "Matthewtung"

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Thanks for the reply Matthew.  Actually, I should clarify... I've been
a self-employed webmaster for the past 7 years.  So I'm pretty well
versed in a Linux environment, and of course I work with PHP/MySQL
constantly... just nothing I've written personally (aside from some
very basic scripts).

But I always have had the desire to finally break away from
outsourcing all my PHP work, and learn it myself.  

According to the php|architect cirriculum, it does appear that they do
start with PHP basics.  How fast they move however could be the
problem at my current level... I guess time will tell, or someone that
has taken this training course :)

Would love more feedback on this.


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