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Hi all,

I've been doing ASP.NET C# for 4 years now and that's around the same
# of years I've been away from PHP. But now I'm looking at this PHP
position that looks really interesting to me. However, I have some
unresolved questions setting up my own test enviroment having bunch of
sites relative to http://localhost with each site having it's own
subdirectories and an include file (ex. Site Navigation with images
that's accessible from any subdirectories).



Now let's say my inc.php file has bunch of images in it stored in /
site1/images folder. How do I setup php / apache so that I can
reference my images from the inc.php file from any folder/subfolder.
For example if I use /images/image.jpg it would fail since it would
take me to the root of localhost/images which is wrong. How can I have
it so that it goes to site1?? Also, in IIS you can setup virtual
folders. How do you setup virtual sites http://localhost/site1?

My main concern is only on my local computer. Because on production
server referencing /images would resolve my issue.

Thank you

Re: PHP/Apache setup for localhost wrote:

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You can configure PHP to look for a specific directory when including PHP
files - I'm not sure what you mean with "referencing images" - relative
URLs is a different issue.

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mod_redirect !

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With apache, you don't set "virtual folders" - you set "virtual hosts". See:

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Can I ask why?

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