php and ssmtp

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I recently upgraded from Kubuntu 6.06 to Kubuntu 6.10, and I am now unable
to get ssmtp working with php5.

I am sure that ssmtp is working, because I can access it manually from bash:
mail -s "testing ssmtp"
works is just that when I use the php mail() function that nothing

My php.ini file has the line:
sendmail_path ="/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i"
which is a link to ssmtp.
I also have mailx installed.

I tried:
sendmail_path ="/usr/sbin/ssmtp"
sendmail_path ="/usr/sbin/sendmail"

none of which helped.

I have just a home network; no FQDN, so I just need a simple email forwarder
to allow me to test php pages.

There must be a way, as I had this working under my previous install.



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