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I have never written something for https. I have problem with some
things, for now i need only to know what is a solution.

If server has installed ssl module, i need to write something in php
code to use it ?? or only what i need to do is use https:// in url ??

if yes i have an another question

In the near future I will write some littel shop with 3-4 products, and
they said that on the one server is a space to place the site but
shopping cart will be on another server because there they have ssl
installed and certificates bought, so how to create ( idea ) the
connection between site and shopping cart ?? i need  to redirect all
ordered porducts ??

and what if someone need to come back to shop and order more, redirect
data again and again ??

or maybe it's not possible ...

please help me

Re: php and SSL

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If it's running as an Apache module you'll see the different scheme in
the url and some extra evironment variables (phpinfo() for specifics).

Regards your programming question - its possible and there's lots of
ways of doing it. I would suggest you learn some more about
programming, the web and PHP in particular then work it out for


Re: php and SSL

Thanks a lot..

After I wrote the post I solved it in my mind ... I have 3 solutions.

First: use COOKIE to store inf. about products, ( but what if user
don't know to accpet cookie )
Second: redirect with some params.*.php?product1=2 etc. etc.

Third: db but aobut that soultion i don't know exactly what will be
with connection from another server to mysql on the first, or if I need
to do it through some script ...

i didn't know becuase first thing i thought it was I can't use some
methods which are used  when you are alwats on the same server.

but only session variables i can't use, is it right ?

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