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Quick question about smtp and php.

I have a Linux server running Apache/PHP and Postfix as an MTA.

My question is about masq'ing the source address from within PHP

When sending mail from the command line it works fine,

For example, I masq my email as:

so when using mail, mailx, mutt, etc… it works fine sourcing from:

But when a form under php sends mail it uses unspecified defaults,
such as:

(this gets rejected by many mail servers because my ‘servername' cant
be resolved)

(PHP/Apache obviously is run by an apache account.)

Unfortunately I don't have access to the php source (its encoded),
however I believe that there is a setting under the php.ini or
httpd.conf that corrects this…

Can someone please point me to a resource that I can look into to find
this out.

Thanks so much for your time in advance….

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