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I installed the Pear program and set the include path in php.ini to
point to the pear dir.  I have a program which



This produces the error "Class 'PEAR_Error' not found in
c:\PHP\pear\PEAR\DB.php on line 868"

This is from defining an error class in the DB module that comes from
the PEAR.php module.  Even though the DB.php has a require for the
PEAR.php, it appears that it is not being included .  

I tried  



but this does not appear to work wither.

I am lost if this is an issue with the Pear install, my system or PHP
setup, or just evil code!

I am running Win2k with Apache.

Also, when I do manually install PEAR.php, I sometimes get an runtime
error from Apache.  

Re: PHP and Pear - Install Question

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 What, precisely, did you do?

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 PEAR::Error is part of the core/bundled PEAR modules which could imply you've
not installed PEAR properly.

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 What error? How did you install it manually? What version of PHP? More details

 Since you're on Windows, did you use go-pear.bat?

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Re: PHP and Pear - Install Question

On Thu, 08 Sep 2005 14:08:47 -0500, David wrote:

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On Winduhs, you have to install PEAR manually, there is no other way.
Cunning plans will not help you. You have to execute go-pear.bat and  
answer few questions about the target directories, the modules that you  
want installed, your credit card numbers and your SSN.


Re: PHP and Pear - Install Question

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For the most part, this is true.

FOr a (almost) fool-proof plan on installing PEAR (as well as Apache,
Perl and PHP) on a windows box see documents at...

There is a method to that madness these documents spell out.

It's worked for me across 8 PC over the past 5 years.

Works on:
 - 98
 - NT|NT Server
 - 2k Pro|Server
 - XP Home|Pro
 - 2k3 Server

Hope this helps you


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