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I've currently been trying to tackle making PHP 5.1.4 use the MySQL
extension. I've followed the instructions I've seen on the web but
whenever I acces my test page, I still get a "Call to undefined
function mysql_connect()..." Basically the instructions I've found say,
to edit the php.ini file so this line is uncommented:


and to make sure that the extension_dir value points to my extensions

extension_dir = "c:\php\ext"

My Current setup:
Windows XP
Apache 2.2
MySQL 5.0.12
PHP 5.1.4

Is there any step I'm missing?

Re: PHP and MySQL

Never mind... realized an utterly idiotic mistake one would only make
working around these hours...

Sorry as well if this was the wrong newsgroup to post this at.

Re: PHP and MySQL

If you want to use mysql, you should load the mysql extension and not
the msql one !
So the line :
should be uncommented.

Re: PHP and MySQL

Haha. Yup, that was exactly it! =) Good eye.

Re: PHP and MySQL

I bet your php.ini is in the WINDOWS directory, a well as your my.ini

I bet you dropped lots of DLLs into WINDOWS as well to make your PHP
work right.

Please take a look at " /"

I have detailed instruction onhow to install Apache, PHP (4 or 5),
Perl, Python, and mySQL on a windows box **WITHOUT** any file
(what-so-ever_ being anywhere near the WINDOWS directory, and nothing
is placed in the registry either (unless you count the ENV VARS that
you need to define)

There is alos instructions on CVS via SSH if you need it.

Hope this helps


PS: Don't use volume letters in the INI or CONF files either.

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