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This might be a little off topic, but is it possible to use PHP to
deliver a version of a website which is intended for mobile viewers
(palm, smartphone, blackberry and the like)?

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Re: PHP and mobile?

Debbie wrote:
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There's nothing special about a mobile web page.  It's still html, only
with smaller dimensions.  You can create the html in PHP, Perl, Python,
or a dozen other web-based languages.  You can even just do it with
static HTML - no programming required.

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Re: PHP and mobile?

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The devices mentioned all support HTML as the browser markup language
- but the majority of phones currently in use (IME) still only support
WML. However there's nothing to prevent you from creating WML output
using PHP, and from the server side it is still accessed vis HTTP (so
no extra work there). There is a difference at the client side, as
these devices usually require a WAP gateway to bridge into HTTP.

Note that the implementation of a number of "standard" HTML browser
features on mobile devices can be patchy - particularly CSS,
javascript and cookies. WML may be a safer lower common denominator
for an app targetting such devices.


Re: PHP and mobile?

Debbie wrote:
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You can make a decision based on $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'].
Have a look at this: /

How you implement the mobile version is another matter.

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Re: PHP and mobile?

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You really should not have to do that.  Remember that some browsers can
"lie" and say they are something else - Opera does that.   You could use
@media rule in your stylesheet, see
[ ]

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Re: PHP and mobile?


on 10/03/2009 09:47 PM Debbie said the following:
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There is a Web service name Wapple that abstracts generation of Web
pages for many different mobile devices so you do not have to duplicate
work for each device you want to support.

There is a Web services client for Wapple here:


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